30 October 2009

LED sheep

This is just crazy. Sheep-herding with LED lights..

26 October 2009

i've got a feeling

I figured the blog needed a new header at the top. As I was searching through some pics, I realized the new one (above) actually had the ocean meeting the land. And some jumping folks.

I entered a video contest through Lonely Planet. The goal was to make a 3-minute video of videos from your roadtrip. Good thing for me, I just went on one.

Here's my choppy video. The song was chosen because we heard it probably 40 times while surfing the channels.

25 October 2009

i am a lasagna

I am what I eat, ergo, tonight I am a lasagna.

I'm still constantly amazed and how much food I eat. Especially after I buy a Stouffer's "Family Size" lasagna. Serving size: 4. Then I proceed to eat over half of it. And I still feel hungry.

High metabolism from all the running lately maybe? Caught the running bug again.

I'll be running my 4th (*CORRECTION: 5th) half marathon this Saturday. It'll be a nice reprieve from all the hills around here as the course is flat.

Other things to note:

It's been fun watching the Angels in post-season baseball. Especially when giving the Yanks a run for their money.

And I saw a Christmas commercial. Let the games begin.

20 October 2009

more giants

Today, my boss knocked on my cube and told me to come to his office. He was genuinely interested in hearing about my recent adventures throughout the past 2 weeks. And to quell any rumor that my coworkers had started about me going to Seattle to interview for EPA there. Though I might have told him that I would like to work in Region10 (which is the NW). He seemed ok. Maybe he didn't hear me.

19 October 2009

5 candles

Hey, guess what?

The blog is now 5 years old.

825 posts in 5 years.

Thanks to the 4 or 5 people that still read this. You rock!

In other news, I looked at my states map again and realized I've now been to 40 states. And 5 of them are states that I only briefly visited for a few hours. One day I've got to do a tour of the NE and see what it's all about.

14 October 2009

slow shutter

Kept the shutter open longer on this one. Taken on a ferry while crossing NW Washington, so it was interesting to see how the pics turned out while speeding through the waters.

Meanwhile, put some of the NW roadtrip on flickr.

12 October 2009

standing on the shoulders of giants

Redwoods, California. And Deception Pass, Washington.

11 October 2009

the places you'll go

Just a sample of my week..

60mph ATV rides through acres of dunes along the Oregon coast. Nothing too fancy or anything.

07 October 2009


Today I saw Oregon for the first time. Truly an amazing place. And
I've only seen about a half the coast. Yesterday I said the same about
the northwest corner of Washington. Why has no one ever talked about
that area before? Orca whales, ferry crossings to islands that have
alpaca farms, volcanoes. The list continues.

More in a few days. Vacation!