18 December 2010

week 10: grills

So it's been 10 weeks with the Invisaligns.  I've decided nowadays to just call them my grills. Just not as fancy.  And not made of gold or platinum.  Ok they are far from grills but it sounds better than what I have been saying every time I go to dinner: "hold on, let me take out my teeth."  I was actually getting quite used to saying that and even getting a kick out of it, but it seems that the friends were thinking it was weird.  Fine, fine.

Things are still going great.  I don't really notice much change except that my teeth seem to be spacing out more and more on the bottom.  I keep telling myself this is so they have room to move once things start moving into their real place.  Sounds logical to me.  And now for the fun stuff..

I've been back to the ortho twice to have several teeth contacts filed with what I can only describe is a thin piece of double-sided sandpaper.  I know, sounds like a fun time, doesn't it?  Surprisingly it's not too bad until there's contact with my gum.  Then I squirm and nearly jump out of my chair.

And then there are the dreams.  In this week alone, I have had 2 dreams about my teeth: one where I was late for my appointment and they yelled at me and the second where I drank hot tea and my teeth melted.

It's tough, I know.

21 November 2010

#1 threat to america: bears

This is my latest dream from last night, which I didn't remember until a very weird reminder sparked my memory.

I was staying at a cabin in the mountains with some friends and decided to take a station wagon to another cabin for some reason.  I heard rumors that bears were present and to be careful, but I was feeling brave, I suppose.  But I recall as soon as I got out of the car, a bear chased me into the cabin and I jumped up on a table.  From there, it was very similar to a childhood game of "quicksand" where I wasn't able to step on the floor, but could walk around on all the furniture.  And somehow the bear wasn't able to get me even though I was merely inches from it.

I quickly realized that I was without my bear spray and felt doomed.  Feeling completely helpless and no where to turn, of all people, Jamie Lee Curtis walks into the cabin and scares the bear away.  And that is all I remember.

Yep.  That's right.  Talk about a nightmare!

What's even more strange is that I was reminded of my dream by something that happened on my phone earlier. While playing a game, the game froze and my phone sort of went bizerk for a few seconds.  The screen went black and then a picture of the mess-with-your-mind-dream movie, Inception, appeared.  Talk about freaky timing.  After a few more seconds it finally went away and I was left sitting there laughing about someone planting Jamie Lee Curtis into my dream to fight bears.

I mean, it's completely logical, right?

27 October 2010

storm of the storms

I mean, really, just look at the size of that storm!  The storm that is affecting nearly 2/3 of the country is breaking lowest pressure readings all over the northern midwest too.  It's being compared to decent-sized hurricanes even (due to the pressure and wind).

Just look at that!  Ahh, I'm in the wrong profession.

25 October 2010

week 2 = camping and dentures

Week 2 with Invisaligns proved to be much better than the first week.  Though I think it had more to do with me getting used to these things.  However, I have found myself with a medicine cabinet that is overstocked with most of the dental products from the aisle at Publix.  Last night I had to laugh when I found myself comparing brands of denture cleaner.  As a 28-year old, standing there, comparing, I started to feel a bit of anxiety and paranoia as I wondered what others were thinking. "Why is HE buying denture cleaner?"  "What's his problem?"  "Gosh, he's lame."

For the record, the "dual action" Publix brand was very refreshing.  Though for the life of me, I could not figure out what the dual part was referring to because it did not say, nor did I notice 2 things happening when I plopped that little tablet into an old mug with my starting-to-look-disgusting trays.  But it did the trick.  And on a sidenote, the back of the box says that the tablets can be used for dentures, and also 'denture appliances' which I took to mean Invisaligns.  Obviously.

So where was I.. 28-yr old.. dentures..

Oh, fifteen minutes later, I realize I have purchased more dental supplies than actual food (this is becoming a trend) and I got a kick out of my kitchen counter when I got home and unloaded my prizes.

This is my life now.  Sad, but true.  Sensitive toothpaste, whitening mouthwash that's not even for my teeth, emergency toothbrushes, and floss, floss, floss.

I did go hiking and camping over the weekend which proved to be an interesting feat with these things.  And I'm glad that my friends are ok with the fact that I can floss my teeth while sitting around a campfire and not care.  And not care when my trays are sitting in their case next to the water jugs.  But I will say, I was happy to get home and use that dual action effervescent.  And that I was not attacked by any bears.  Another success.

So this morning I put in the next 2 trays and slowly throughout the day, my face feels like it's compressing.  Admittedly, it wasn't the immense torture that I had read/heard it was going to be, but there's definitely pressure.  Ever onward..

19 October 2010

week 1 = weak one

ba dun dun

Well, I figure now as a good a time as any to share my latest and greatest endeavor.

You may have read in the past year that I have a newfound joy of revisiting my childhood fear of going to the dentist.  Only now, as an adult, the technology (or maybe the dentists) are a lot better and I don't have that fear anymore.  In fact, I just plain like going to the dentist.  And they don't even have to bribe me with stickers.  Though the pre-filled, one-time-use toothbrushes I got to use are pretty cool.  But wasteful, I know.  Ok, back to the news..

Last month I finally got the nerve to sit down for an orthodontics consult.  And would you believe, I'm now the owner of Invisalign ... braces.  Though I am trying really hard not say I have ... braces.  Mostly because they aren't braces, they are thin, clear, plastic trays.  And if I hadn't of pointed them out to the select few that have seen them so far, they wouldn't have noticed either.  Ok, but really, I have braces.

With having these plastic trays in my mouth, day in and day out, I have realized that it makes for life to be so much more interesting and funny along the way.  So much, that I decided that I am confident enough to post some stories on here now.  Also, more so because I wanted to document this 12-month ordeal.  Don't worry, I will not be showing before pictures of my teeth because that is just plain gross.  In my research, I looked at way too many before and after pictures and it's disgusting.  So maybe you'll just see the after.  I mean, if you know me, you've probably seen my teeth already anyway.

As for the progression, I had my consult mid-Sept and then lo and behold, was being fitted for trays an hour afterward.  The whole fitting of trays was quite funny because it was pretty much and hour of dry mouth and berry-flavored paste that formed impressions of my teeth.  And for someone that's self-conscious of their teeth, it was quite the ordeal to have your teeth x-rayed, photographed, impressioned, examined, stared at, etc.  But I got over it.  Mainly because I got to watch tv in the room while it was all happening.  Exactly 4 weeks later I got the call that my trays had arrived.

So, last Monday, I started the 12-month festivities.  I didn't realize that there was more to it than just getting the trays and leaving.  In order for the trays to 'snap' onto your teeth, they have to place white 'buttons' (for lack of a better word) onto several side teeth.  I was fine with this, but good grief, your mouth has to be completely dry and wide open while this is happening and the guard they put in your mouth holds your tongue so you can't move it.  So pretty much after 5 minutes (of the 20 minutes) I just start laughing uncontrollably.  In retrospect, I should have taken a photo with my phone.  They would have gotten a kick out of that.  Quite a sight, I imagine.

Buttons complete, I finally got to see my first pair of trays.  For those not familiar, the trays are 2-week fittings (upper and lower) and you simply replace with a new pair.  So every 2 weeks I will be in a lot of pain because each tray applies more and more pressure to move stubborn teeth into place.  It's really an interesting process.  So they are snapped in and immediately I feel like what I can only imagine my mouth turning into Teenwolf.  I was told to practice taking them out in the office so I could get a feel of how it works.  But after 10 minutes, nothing seemed to be working and I was under the assumption that they would be in my mouth forever.  Finally I got the lower tray out, the assistants came back, and then I lied and said I got both of them out so I could go home.

Convinced that I was never going to eat again, I took some ibuprofen and went to sleep.  Luckily, my stomach took precedence in this situation and I woke up hungry for my 3-hr late lunch.  The trays have to be worn around 22+ hours a day, and have to come out when eating and when drinking anything but water*.  (I have discovered white wine and not too dark beer are exceptions, thankfully)  After some convincing and psyching myself out staring into the mirror, I snapped them off my teeth after about 10 minutes wrangling.  With 100% confidence in saying, I thought I was going to pull my teeth out.  Fast forward to a week later, and I can safely say that now I can now get them out in 30 seconds flat.  It's like I'm on NASCAR pit row.

I'm not going to get too excited as I know next Monday when the new trays go in, I'll be back to whining like a 5-year old and skipping meals.  As for these meals, that's another story.  I find myself only eating 3 times a day.  My snack drawer at work is useless now.  Though when I do take them out, I gorge on everything in sight.  On the other hand, I don't really want to eat half the time and my dental hygiene is PHENOMENAL.  I never thought I'd see the day where I floss and brush THREE times a day.  It took some getting used to, but I'm good to go now.  I do find myself in awkward situations where I have to put them back in in public or brush my teeth in public (have to brush every time before).  Including the Cracker Barrel parking lot on a Sunday afternoon.  If you would like to get me Christmas presents, flossing picks and sensitive toothpaste are recommended because I'm churning through my supplies.

So, week 1 = complete

One pro = the pain subsides after a few days of new trays.
One con = chugging hot coffee with ice cubes in the morning so I can brush my teeth before I put them back in and leave for work.

18 October 2010

happy birthday, where the ocean meets the land!

The weekend came and went so fast that I almost forgot to wish the ol' 6-year old blog a happy birthday.  Cannot believe that this has lasted 6 years.  And even though I don't post as often as I used to, I realize that most of my audience uses Google Reader or some other RSS feed and that makes me feel alright.  Because then my posts are ready for you without you having to check my blog all the time.  And if you ever feel the need for a good laugh, just thumb through the archives.  The first year had some good ones.

Wow, so 6 years ago Reader wasn't even around.  Heck, in Oct 2004, Gmail was barely even on the scene and it was still invite only.  And I was still fresh out of undergrad wandering around without a clue as to what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Well, some things never change.

And yet here I am, still providing the world a glimpse into what I find interesting, funny, annoying, sad, awkward, and whatever else I can relate to.  And some of you are still reading.  So to those, I say thanks, and cheers to many more years.  Who knows, maybe in another 6 years, maybe my posts will be generated onto little screens on refrigerators or onto our watches.  Or.. ok, this is getting out of hand.

Happy 6 years!

17 October 2010

sunsets and weddings

thought this was worthy of the blog.  if only fall lasted longer than a month in the south.  maybe i could take more pics like this one.

Landon and Ashley's wedding, Long Creek, SC

23 September 2010

don't stop believin the midnight train

for those that have been fortunate enough to experience the 5 points train station here in Atlanta, you would have appreciated this.  i was walking back from lunch and cut across the top of the station where the pigeons always flock to because, for some reason, people continually feed the rats of the sky ALL THE TIME.  this, in itself, always baffles me because there is a high density of homeless people also in this area and yet they feed the birds.  what gives?

so there i was, walking along, bypassing the pigeon spectacle as usual and i hear the Pips.  the Pips?!  i mean, Gladys Knight and the Pips were from Atlanta and all, but dang...

i was definitely hearing the background vocals to Midnight Train to Georgia.

go, gonna board, gonna board
gonna board the midnight train to georgia

but alas, it was a homeless man.  not the Pips.  and he was sitting in the middle of the pigeons eating something and just a singin' away.  not sure he was completely all there.  mostly because as i was singing along (in my head) he abruptly changed the lyrics on me and the next verse was:

i see her in a smoky room
smell of wine and cheap perfume

and ask any karaoke goer and you'll recognize Don't Stop Believin' any ol' day.

maybe it was just a day for inspirational songs.  maybe he was just enjoying the pigeon spectacle that was before him.  maybe he's the smartest person we could ever meet.  or maybe it was candid camera.

i'll never know, but i feel like he was important to the folks passing through 5 points today.

17 September 2010

partly cloudy with a chance of a major hurricane

Nerd alert.  But seriously, just look at that satellite image.  3 hurricanes (far west, the obvious one, and small one far east).  Just fascinating to see.  And to note that overnight that little one (Karl) near Mexico's coastline was the strongest one ever recorded in that area since record-keeping began.  And that giant one (Igor) was a Cat. 4 at one point and is destined for the needle in the haystack that is Bermuda.

That's all.  Just making you aware that weather is all around us even when it's not affecting us.

26 August 2010

all for soup

Sitting at one of my favorite lunch restaurants, I witnessed quite the scene involving just how much trash some folks use.  Not that I'm saying I don't still throw things away, but I definitely at least try to be environmentally conscious.  Or at least, I'd like to think of myself as more environmentally conscious than this particular woman:

She ordered 2 soups in styrofoam cups.

Soup was too hot, so they both went into second styrofoam soup cups.

Both sets of soup then received plastic lids.

To prevent spillage, each lid was then wrapped in plastic wrap.

To further prevent spillage, the entire container (each) was wrapped (swaddled?) in a giant mound of plastic wrap.

Each soup monstrosity was then placed in individual paper bags.

Both bags were then placed into, not one, but TWO plastic "thank-you" bags.

Follow it up with a spoon and a fork--why, a fork, I still don't know, various amounts of napkins, and about 20 packs of individually wrapped crackers.

And she's done.  But not before breaking in line where her friend was holding her place while this took place.

I must have sat there staring with a glazed look for the entire 3 minutes that this was playing out in front of me.

4 styrofoam cups + 2 plastic lids + ~4 feet of plastic wrap + 2 paper bags + 2 plastic bags = soup for lunch

She better have been going to ride a rollercoaster at Six Flags with that soup.

25 August 2010

an entire post about bugs

For the most part, I live a calm life.  Every so often, life gets interrupted by random things like palmetto bugs.  And that's when my life turns into chaos and my mornings are thrown off completely.

I've been thinking a lot about these palmetto bugs lately.  I don't recall EVER seeing them growing up in the 18 years that I lived on a farm in Cross Anchor.  Never.  We had the occasional german roaches and the spiders and such, but where were the palmetto bugs?  And then I move to Columbia (ahem, 10 years ago) and it was a game of who could kill them before they made it under the couch.  This was about once every two weeks or so.  I remember seeing them dart under the door at ol' 1200 Henderson, get the deer-in-headlights glaze, then bolt for some sort of shelter.

Cue my transition to Atlanta (ahem, 5 years ago) and it's like they've followed me.  Though usually, I'd only see them in the Spring and Fall after having the windows open all day.  It was more like one a month, if that.  And they were generally wall crawlers scurrying in through the open window to escape the impending cool night only to be greeted by me, a can of Raid and a running shoe.  Except for that one time I found one in my dryer, dead, after drying my clothes.  And I had to wonder if it also made it through the wash cycle too.  On second thought, I'd rather try to forget that case.

And now here I am in Decatur, loving my calm apartment in my cozy neighborhood and all of the sudden, I've seen 10 in a month.  Granted, I might be seeing the same one over and over as I'm convinced that when I spray one with half a can of Raid, it probably never really dies..just retreats to a corner and regenerates into a more powerful, and larger bug.  And repeat.

So I took all the precautions.  No food was left out.  Ever.  I've even started drying my sink before I leave so there's no water source.  I sprayed home defense mind-altering pesticides.  And then, I bought extra large roach poison traps.  And suddenly, everything was good again.  A week went by without any sign of one.  The war was nearly over (or at least until this fall when the windows are open).

Until this morning.  When I was walking around post-run, hurriedly getting myself together for work and I walk into the kitchen and step on something.  I kept walking but then something triggered in my mind to stop and think about what just happened.  I turned around and at first, saw nothing.  But then there it was.. sure enough.. a writhing palmetto bug with one leg laying beside it.  LUCKILY, I had stepped on it while still wearing my running socks.  Whew.  And in typical palmetto bug fashion, one step does not kill it.  Oh no, it takes multiple attempts.  And the blasted thing escaped under the fridge before I could kill it.  So I got all mad and kicked its leg under the fridge for good measure.

Never a dull moment for me, I find myself on my hands and knees spraying a constant stream of Raid under the fridge.  After a while I can hear it moving under there but no visual sign.  20 minutes later, I'm again hurriedly getting myself out the door, already late for work and there it goes!  Bolting with a gimp (down one leg but still going strong) from the fridge to under a shelf!  I had deja-vu as I definitely killed one here a few weeks ago.  Never fear, I drowned it in Raid and left it on the floor so the 'others' can see what will happen if they try to mess with my kitchen.

I'm not a mean guy, I'll occasionally trap some bugs and release them into the yard.  But I have to put my foot down (ha!) on these.  And spiders.  And bears.

This is not the first time I've blogged about my encounters: I've dealt with them while exercising and I've also fed them to spiders in the past.  So, the score is now: Palmetto Bug - 23, Me - 3

16 August 2010

oh my

Oh Wachovia, you shouldn't have!  No, really.


03 August 2010

because I knew you needed to laugh today

For a while now (talking, years) I have been waking up in the middle of the night craving orange juice.  So I usually oblige and stumble into the dark kitchen, await the evil refrigerator light to blind me, and chug enough juice until my teeth are too cold.  Lately, I've discovered Simply Lemonade and this has taken the Simply Orange's place of 2am cravings.  And last night was no exception.  Until I woke up a 2nd time and needed another chug.

So there I go stumbling into the kitchen, blinded by the light, cold teeth, close the door and head back to bed.  Only, as I go to lay down, I completely overshoot the bed parameters and fall right off the corner effectively causing myself to do a somersault, head-first to the floor in between the bed and some unpacked boxes.  I imagine this to be quite the thing to see, but it was complete darkness and I'm happy not knowing exactly how it looked.

My reaction time was well off as I had no idea what was happening until I heard the loud thump and I was down for the count.  I'm hoping this was how I did not further injure myself as I didn't tense up expecting the hit.

But alas, I did injure myself.  There's a scratch on my shoulder which took most of the impact.  And then there's my left foot.  Which feels like I sprained it.  During my replay of the event, my foot either hit the arm of the chair really hard or it went over my head and hit an open drawer of the dresser.  I like the latter because it would make the image complete.  And a lot more funny.

And there you have the story of a 28-yr old falling out of his bed at 2am.

26 July 2010

all in a days work

It occurred to me that after having this conversation with Julia earlier, a stranger might have to look puzzled:

Me: totally fed my worms yesterday, by the way. i felt bad about leaving them for so long without something
Julia: ha. how were they looking?
Me: their smiles were glowing.
Julia: ha.
Me: truly amazing site to witness.

I got my composting worms back!

19 July 2010

i gather all the news i need on the weather report

things i learned in the AJC, Atlanta's newspaper (online, of course), today:

-people call 911 to check the time (seriously)
-an 18-yr old girl got botox because she wanted to be on a hit tv show
-some pit bulls were not rabid
-"Ohio to test Chia Pet-like sound wall" (verbatim headline)
-Pierce Brosnan is selling his home for $3.9 billion
-Mel Gibson is not moving to Australia
-and according to some 'officials', bear sightings pose little threat (!)

this is all news on the homepage.  news!  why do i still check and refresh this page time and time again?  purely for laughs these days.

04 June 2010

tunes tunes tunes

I'm overdue for an itunes top25 play count list.  I enjoy numbers too much.  And apparently Van Morrison and alt-country too.

31 May 2010

and it was all yellow

Sometimes it's just the small things that make you smile.

17 May 2010

in full stride

Today I found myself in Greensboro, NC doing some work shadowing on inspections. After standing in the rain for a while, staring at gas pumps, and actually enjoying it, I discovered that this little Mom and Pop store I was at was actually pretty cool. After talking to the owners for an hour, I basically learned their whole life history completely unsolicited. Growing up in rural SC, I definitely felt a connection with them. Somehow the topic turned to bluegrass. I'm never one to turn down a discussion about that. And lo and behold, they have bluegrass pickin' sessions on Monday nights in the cool barn out back that was built for such occasions.


You can probably guess where this story is going.

So, of course I head back over there after work to see what it was all about. And it was awesome. I could live in that barn. And bluegrass could be the soundtrack of my life. There were about 12 folks ranging from 20 to 80 in years and every pickin' instrument you could imagine. Even down to a cigarbox license plate 3-string dobbro. There were traditional songs, old hymns, standards, a few contemporary ones; you name it! And grandmas dancing! I can't make this stuff up if I tried. They were happy to see us return and even announced us to the crowd as "those boys from Atlanta". Famous! Even got a free shirt!

Definitely worth the Monday night if you are ever in central NC. Little Cedar is the name. Tell 'em I sent you.

29 April 2010

sbux and bleach

Today while perusing my favorite [shaking head no] Atlanta newspaper online, I noticed this picture:

And 100% truth, my immediate first reaction was "wow, the Where's Waldo truck overturned on I-20! This is great!"

So I casually clicked on the link and read a few sentences just to see what was really going on with this carnage and lo and behold I discover this gem:

"The eastbound tractor-trailer, carrying chlorine tablets, bleaches, Starbucks coffee and coffee cups, and other materials, ran off the interstate and overturned about 5:30 a.m. A hazardous materials team from the Newton County Fire Department responded."

Yep. You read that correctly. Sbux and bleach transported together. While I'm sure this is probably all fine and safe in the world because of packaging, etc., it still plants that little voice in my head saying "really, coffee and bleach riding together in a tractor trailer?"

As for Waldo, I'm still unsure what is going on with that. He's got a lot of explaining to do.

18 April 2010


I woke up this morning realizing I had sleepwalked last night.  I didn't remember it until I saw a plaid button-down shirt laying on the floor next to the bed and then it kinda hit me all at once.  Not sure what, or where, I was doing/going, but I do remember looking at my phone and seeing 236am, walking into the kitchen to get some OJ, only I had water.  And I remember finding that plaid shirt and putting it on before I went anywhere.

My next thought was to check my doors and see if they were unlocked or if my keys were still in place.  Luckily everything was intact and I didn't actually leave my apartment.  That would have been horrible (or hilarious!).  Either way, I'm a plaid sleepwalker, I suppose.  Who knew.

Too bad I didn't use that time to do some laundry, pay some bills and catch up on some reading that has piled up on the coffee table.

In other news, I saw the Carolina Chocolate Drops last night and would highly recommend giving them a listen.  Great, great band from NC.  A little traditional bluegrass, complete with spoons, autoharp, and whiskey jugs.  Found this video:

09 April 2010

it's summer, i mean spring!

I was told that I need to post more.  I'm glad that after 5.5 years, the audience still expects posts.  Makes me happy.  It's been a busy month, or three.  But I would like to promote spring.  There was this sudden moment of everything turning green over the weekend, which led to so much pollen, the ground, and my car, don't know what to do with it all.  But alas, spring means horse racing in KY at Keeneland as seen below from last weekend.  A stormy morning turned into a great afternoon at the races.  Even if I lost all the $2 bets I put down!

And spring also means bocce.  Hooray!

20 March 2010


3 years ago I ran my first half marathon--the inaugural ING Georgia Half.

Tomorrow I'll run the same half.  It'll be my 7th half marathon in three years.  I had to count that a few times.

As you can see, 3 years ago, it was a warm race:

And despite the balmy 70+ deg temperatures the past two days and amazing blue skies, tomorrow will be a humid, 50+ deg day with scattered showers turning into t-storms later on.  Go figure.  I guess you can't really know what to expect with spring weather.  Regardless, this will go along perfectly with my uncanny record of running races in the rain.  Update tomorrow.

Ever onward..

11 March 2010

so don't let the outside fool you

My days are full.  It's the oddest thing.  I remember the month changed to March, but for some reason it didn't really register in my mind.  I'm constantly tired.  But it's a good tired.  Why.  Oh.  Right.  So I started the P90X workout 19 days ago.  You may have seen it on an informercial.  Anyway, it's intense.  90 consecutive days of an hour (cept for one 1.5hr) long workouts that can be done at home.  Sometimes it's painful.  Sometimes I hate it.  Sometimes I love it.  Every day I say "ok, that one was the worst workout" and then the next day I realize how much worse that one is, and then it becomes a cycle.  I do know that I always feel good afterwards.  And then I eat potato chips.  And then I feel even better.

I substituted the 'legs' workout for my long distance running.  But really, I just didn't want to feel like my legs were going to fall off for an hour.  I'll take running an hour any day over one day off of P90X.  Which brings me back to reality as I am also training for my second marathon (Jun12) and I'm pretty sure that my body is just going to collapse from fatigue one of these days.  So I could say that P90X is cross training for the marathon.

HA--I wish.

So the triple bottom line:

I scored P90X for free (for those that just googled it and saw the outrageous price)
I am building muscle.
I am tired.

61 days to go.

20 February 2010

worried man blues

Saw Packway Handle Band last night.  Incredible bluegrass!  They played a 2 hour set to a sold-out crowd.  And then played a 1.5 hour set immediately afterward.  Can't beat that.

Good video:

15 February 2010

trading joe

Trader Joe's market and I have a rough past.  If it weren't for two buck chuck wine (which incidentally is $2.79 in Atl) and for a wide selection of whole bean coffee, I'd probably not visit it as often.

First, it was the lack of the best cookies ever--before Christmas had even arrived.

Then, the winter blend coffee was gone before it was really even winter.

And today, while enjoying my last federal holiday until MAY, I suddenly had a craving for the bbq chicken pizza from there.  So, I go.  And they don't have it.  And if that wasn't enough, someone came up to help me while I was standing over the other pizzas and actually said "oh, you should buy the bbq chicken one".  I definitely told him how funny that was that an employee was telling me to buy something that wasn't available.


Somehow I ended up spending $39 regardless.

Rough life, I know.

08 February 2010

feeling old part #28

A recent birthday added another candle on the cake (although I don't really know if the candles on my real cake added up to 28 after all).  So if a birthday wasn't enough to make me feel old, I also recently got my first 10-yr reunion invite.  TEN YEARS.

Hopefully now you all feel just as old because I know you're adding up how long you've been out of high school.  What?  Ran out of fingers on two hands to count?  Break out that TI-89 graphing calculator that you never use anymore.  y=mx+b, what?!  Ah, there's an abacus in the back.

And if THAT wasn't enough to make me feel old, I answered an unknown ATL number tonight only to realize I had fallen into the give your alma mater money because you make a salary now and you should have money to give us! trap.  And I was called "Mr." and "sir".  Seriously?

And just for that I didn't give them my money.  Well that and the fact that I'm paying off student loans.

Alas, another birthday and life goes on.  Still not 30 yet though!

05 February 2010


I mean seriously, the dentist office continues to amaze me.  The secretary just called me to ask how everything is going today post-refilling the 'filling'.  Who are these people and where have they been all this time?

Are they real?

04 February 2010

like a day at the beach

about my recent visit to the dentist today..

For starters, I absolutely hated the dentist until 2 weeks ago.  In fact, I avoided the dentist all together for the past, ahem, years.  But, since I have dental insurance, I figured the time had come to face my fear.  So, I went and actually enjoyed it.  I had to go back today for a follow-up and some other stuff.

Today I learned I have 3 fillings that I never knew were there.  Apparently no one knew I had them either.  Where did they come from?  Had to have been aliens--there's really no other explanation.  But all through my life, I've exclaimed that I had never had a cavity--supposedly I was wrong.  It's really very confusing.  So then there was the sudden talk of needles and numbing and 'don't eat for an hour' and I began to feel the fear creeping back into me.  Lucky for me, it was just a close call and I escaped without any of the above. Instead they had to repair one of those fillings.. with more filling.

And this is where I started thinking about the dentist a lot.  Because really what else are you to do while they are over your face.  It's hard not to stare at them.  I could only read the warning label on the vent above me so many times.  Why do they floss my teeth after they are done?  Is it to show me how easy flossing is?  I floss every night (now)!  Why do they talk to you while you can't answer?

Well, during today's cleaning I was told that afterwards it was going to feel like I had been at the beach all day.  Very confused by this, I was unable to ask why, and had to sit there pondering that.  What about this was beach-related?  I deduced that there was grit in my mouth.  Sand?  What on earth is going on?  No, that's gone.  Still no beach.  Cleaning was complete and I sat up and scratched my forehead.  And that's when I realized that my face was covered in grit.  Ah--felt like a sand blasted day on a windy beach!  But then I started thinking about how it was winter and I wasn't at the beach.

I also realized that I really have no idea what is going on when I'm there.  They could probably tell me that all my teeth need to be taken out and I'd happily oblige and hand them my insurance card and my debit card and say go for it!  The fear is gone!

23 January 2010

train v tornado

This is one heck of a video. Kind of like a horror movie.

10 January 2010


It doesn't take much to embarrass me, but on Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to do just that. Despite the sub-freezing temperatures, leftover snow and ice all over the sidewalks and roads, I decided that I could endure a mediocre run through the neighborhood. After about 20 minutes, I decided that it was a stupid idea because I spent more time dodging icy patches and stopping to walk around larger skating rinks, so I turned around and started running back to my apt. Feeling like I hadn't really conquered this run, I started sprinting up the big hill in front of the nearby park. And then it happened.

I felt a slight trip. But I did the ever-popular instinct of taking a giant step to regain my footing. That didn't help. I was destined to fall. And before I knew it, I faceplanted into the sidewalk for my very first fall while running. I'm not even sure what happened during the fall, but after it was all over, I found myself sitting backwards, facing the opposite direction. My first reaction was not to see my injury, but to look for who saw this mishap. Luckily, there was only one car driving by. Whatever. I got up, surveyed my injuries, noticed the blood on my knee, my left hand, and realized I needed to just give up and head home. Then I noticed the woman walking her dog who approached me to ask how I was. I told her to watch out for the ice. Only, I hadn't even tripped on the ice. I had tripped on the dry sidewalk.

The amount of emotions that follow after falling are quite amazing. I went from confused, disappointed in myself, in pain, and then laughter. I was then mad at my lame attempt at running, so after walking a block, I sprinted the last 2 blocks uphill, just to regain some confidence. And more because I was in need of some peroxide. I also discovered, with the help of hot water, that I have a sidewalk burn on my left leg.

Needless to say, I've taken the day off from running.

08 January 2010

about that anxious run

Update: ran in the snow yesterday. It was cold.

I pass other runners in these cold days. And everyone is quick to wave and say hi as if to say "yes! another crazy runner like me!"

So there's a nice 1/2 inch out there. Enough to cause panic. Enough to close schools. Enough to make me forget about the cold weather for a while.

And then the Weather Ch plays the Allman Brothers Band on the Weather on the 8s and life is good.

Ok enough about the weather. Just had to rant.

06 January 2010

on running

yesterday was, by far, the coldest run of my life. it's really just plain cold. not much more i can describe. i've run in some cold weather before. i'm recalling a 5k four years ago (kris?) where it was sleeting with cold rain. a wintry mix, if you will. the only thing i had to keep me going yesterday was getting to run before it was dark! amazing how just a few seconds of daylight every day can really make a difference in the days getting longer. always amazes me that i train in the winter for a race in the spring.

oh, and a new pair of shoes.

though when i bought them, i was told that my left foot is a good size smaller than my right. then i was told that i couldn't buy 2 different sizes. why tell someone that?! so now when i run, i can just tell there's something wrong. i just know it. just not right.

with all that said, i'm anxious to run, for the first time, in snow on thursday afternoon.

03 January 2010

why why why

Why didn't anyone alert me about this?!

02 January 2010


I'll take 3 giant southfacing windows when it's clear and SUNNY any ol' day in winter as long as it lets me pretend it's 70 degrees outside and not 29 degrees (in the afternoon!).

At least the days are getting longer now.