23 January 2010

train v tornado

This is one heck of a video. Kind of like a horror movie.

10 January 2010


It doesn't take much to embarrass me, but on Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to do just that. Despite the sub-freezing temperatures, leftover snow and ice all over the sidewalks and roads, I decided that I could endure a mediocre run through the neighborhood. After about 20 minutes, I decided that it was a stupid idea because I spent more time dodging icy patches and stopping to walk around larger skating rinks, so I turned around and started running back to my apt. Feeling like I hadn't really conquered this run, I started sprinting up the big hill in front of the nearby park. And then it happened.

I felt a slight trip. But I did the ever-popular instinct of taking a giant step to regain my footing. That didn't help. I was destined to fall. And before I knew it, I faceplanted into the sidewalk for my very first fall while running. I'm not even sure what happened during the fall, but after it was all over, I found myself sitting backwards, facing the opposite direction. My first reaction was not to see my injury, but to look for who saw this mishap. Luckily, there was only one car driving by. Whatever. I got up, surveyed my injuries, noticed the blood on my knee, my left hand, and realized I needed to just give up and head home. Then I noticed the woman walking her dog who approached me to ask how I was. I told her to watch out for the ice. Only, I hadn't even tripped on the ice. I had tripped on the dry sidewalk.

The amount of emotions that follow after falling are quite amazing. I went from confused, disappointed in myself, in pain, and then laughter. I was then mad at my lame attempt at running, so after walking a block, I sprinted the last 2 blocks uphill, just to regain some confidence. And more because I was in need of some peroxide. I also discovered, with the help of hot water, that I have a sidewalk burn on my left leg.

Needless to say, I've taken the day off from running.

08 January 2010

about that anxious run

Update: ran in the snow yesterday. It was cold.

I pass other runners in these cold days. And everyone is quick to wave and say hi as if to say "yes! another crazy runner like me!"

So there's a nice 1/2 inch out there. Enough to cause panic. Enough to close schools. Enough to make me forget about the cold weather for a while.

And then the Weather Ch plays the Allman Brothers Band on the Weather on the 8s and life is good.

Ok enough about the weather. Just had to rant.

06 January 2010

on running

yesterday was, by far, the coldest run of my life. it's really just plain cold. not much more i can describe. i've run in some cold weather before. i'm recalling a 5k four years ago (kris?) where it was sleeting with cold rain. a wintry mix, if you will. the only thing i had to keep me going yesterday was getting to run before it was dark! amazing how just a few seconds of daylight every day can really make a difference in the days getting longer. always amazes me that i train in the winter for a race in the spring.

oh, and a new pair of shoes.

though when i bought them, i was told that my left foot is a good size smaller than my right. then i was told that i couldn't buy 2 different sizes. why tell someone that?! so now when i run, i can just tell there's something wrong. i just know it. just not right.

with all that said, i'm anxious to run, for the first time, in snow on thursday afternoon.

03 January 2010

why why why

Why didn't anyone alert me about this?!

02 January 2010


I'll take 3 giant southfacing windows when it's clear and SUNNY any ol' day in winter as long as it lets me pretend it's 70 degrees outside and not 29 degrees (in the afternoon!).

At least the days are getting longer now.