20 February 2010

worried man blues

Saw Packway Handle Band last night.  Incredible bluegrass!  They played a 2 hour set to a sold-out crowd.  And then played a 1.5 hour set immediately afterward.  Can't beat that.

Good video:

15 February 2010

trading joe

Trader Joe's market and I have a rough past.  If it weren't for two buck chuck wine (which incidentally is $2.79 in Atl) and for a wide selection of whole bean coffee, I'd probably not visit it as often.

First, it was the lack of the best cookies ever--before Christmas had even arrived.

Then, the winter blend coffee was gone before it was really even winter.

And today, while enjoying my last federal holiday until MAY, I suddenly had a craving for the bbq chicken pizza from there.  So, I go.  And they don't have it.  And if that wasn't enough, someone came up to help me while I was standing over the other pizzas and actually said "oh, you should buy the bbq chicken one".  I definitely told him how funny that was that an employee was telling me to buy something that wasn't available.


Somehow I ended up spending $39 regardless.

Rough life, I know.

08 February 2010

feeling old part #28

A recent birthday added another candle on the cake (although I don't really know if the candles on my real cake added up to 28 after all).  So if a birthday wasn't enough to make me feel old, I also recently got my first 10-yr reunion invite.  TEN YEARS.

Hopefully now you all feel just as old because I know you're adding up how long you've been out of high school.  What?  Ran out of fingers on two hands to count?  Break out that TI-89 graphing calculator that you never use anymore.  y=mx+b, what?!  Ah, there's an abacus in the back.

And if THAT wasn't enough to make me feel old, I answered an unknown ATL number tonight only to realize I had fallen into the give your alma mater money because you make a salary now and you should have money to give us! trap.  And I was called "Mr." and "sir".  Seriously?

And just for that I didn't give them my money.  Well that and the fact that I'm paying off student loans.

Alas, another birthday and life goes on.  Still not 30 yet though!

05 February 2010


I mean seriously, the dentist office continues to amaze me.  The secretary just called me to ask how everything is going today post-refilling the 'filling'.  Who are these people and where have they been all this time?

Are they real?

04 February 2010

like a day at the beach

about my recent visit to the dentist today..

For starters, I absolutely hated the dentist until 2 weeks ago.  In fact, I avoided the dentist all together for the past, ahem, years.  But, since I have dental insurance, I figured the time had come to face my fear.  So, I went and actually enjoyed it.  I had to go back today for a follow-up and some other stuff.

Today I learned I have 3 fillings that I never knew were there.  Apparently no one knew I had them either.  Where did they come from?  Had to have been aliens--there's really no other explanation.  But all through my life, I've exclaimed that I had never had a cavity--supposedly I was wrong.  It's really very confusing.  So then there was the sudden talk of needles and numbing and 'don't eat for an hour' and I began to feel the fear creeping back into me.  Lucky for me, it was just a close call and I escaped without any of the above. Instead they had to repair one of those fillings.. with more filling.

And this is where I started thinking about the dentist a lot.  Because really what else are you to do while they are over your face.  It's hard not to stare at them.  I could only read the warning label on the vent above me so many times.  Why do they floss my teeth after they are done?  Is it to show me how easy flossing is?  I floss every night (now)!  Why do they talk to you while you can't answer?

Well, during today's cleaning I was told that afterwards it was going to feel like I had been at the beach all day.  Very confused by this, I was unable to ask why, and had to sit there pondering that.  What about this was beach-related?  I deduced that there was grit in my mouth.  Sand?  What on earth is going on?  No, that's gone.  Still no beach.  Cleaning was complete and I sat up and scratched my forehead.  And that's when I realized that my face was covered in grit.  Ah--felt like a sand blasted day on a windy beach!  But then I started thinking about how it was winter and I wasn't at the beach.

I also realized that I really have no idea what is going on when I'm there.  They could probably tell me that all my teeth need to be taken out and I'd happily oblige and hand them my insurance card and my debit card and say go for it!  The fear is gone!