20 March 2010


3 years ago I ran my first half marathon--the inaugural ING Georgia Half.

Tomorrow I'll run the same half.  It'll be my 7th half marathon in three years.  I had to count that a few times.

As you can see, 3 years ago, it was a warm race:

And despite the balmy 70+ deg temperatures the past two days and amazing blue skies, tomorrow will be a humid, 50+ deg day with scattered showers turning into t-storms later on.  Go figure.  I guess you can't really know what to expect with spring weather.  Regardless, this will go along perfectly with my uncanny record of running races in the rain.  Update tomorrow.

Ever onward..

11 March 2010

so don't let the outside fool you

My days are full.  It's the oddest thing.  I remember the month changed to March, but for some reason it didn't really register in my mind.  I'm constantly tired.  But it's a good tired.  Why.  Oh.  Right.  So I started the P90X workout 19 days ago.  You may have seen it on an informercial.  Anyway, it's intense.  90 consecutive days of an hour (cept for one 1.5hr) long workouts that can be done at home.  Sometimes it's painful.  Sometimes I hate it.  Sometimes I love it.  Every day I say "ok, that one was the worst workout" and then the next day I realize how much worse that one is, and then it becomes a cycle.  I do know that I always feel good afterwards.  And then I eat potato chips.  And then I feel even better.

I substituted the 'legs' workout for my long distance running.  But really, I just didn't want to feel like my legs were going to fall off for an hour.  I'll take running an hour any day over one day off of P90X.  Which brings me back to reality as I am also training for my second marathon (Jun12) and I'm pretty sure that my body is just going to collapse from fatigue one of these days.  So I could say that P90X is cross training for the marathon.

HA--I wish.

So the triple bottom line:

I scored P90X for free (for those that just googled it and saw the outrageous price)
I am building muscle.
I am tired.

61 days to go.