26 July 2010

all in a days work

It occurred to me that after having this conversation with Julia earlier, a stranger might have to look puzzled:

Me: totally fed my worms yesterday, by the way. i felt bad about leaving them for so long without something
Julia: ha. how were they looking?
Me: their smiles were glowing.
Julia: ha.
Me: truly amazing site to witness.

I got my composting worms back!

19 July 2010

i gather all the news i need on the weather report

things i learned in the AJC, Atlanta's newspaper (online, of course), today:

-people call 911 to check the time (seriously)
-an 18-yr old girl got botox because she wanted to be on a hit tv show
-some pit bulls were not rabid
-"Ohio to test Chia Pet-like sound wall" (verbatim headline)
-Pierce Brosnan is selling his home for $3.9 billion
-Mel Gibson is not moving to Australia
-and according to some 'officials', bear sightings pose little threat (!)

this is all news on the homepage.  news!  why do i still check and refresh this page time and time again?  purely for laughs these days.