26 August 2010

all for soup

Sitting at one of my favorite lunch restaurants, I witnessed quite the scene involving just how much trash some folks use.  Not that I'm saying I don't still throw things away, but I definitely at least try to be environmentally conscious.  Or at least, I'd like to think of myself as more environmentally conscious than this particular woman:

She ordered 2 soups in styrofoam cups.

Soup was too hot, so they both went into second styrofoam soup cups.

Both sets of soup then received plastic lids.

To prevent spillage, each lid was then wrapped in plastic wrap.

To further prevent spillage, the entire container (each) was wrapped (swaddled?) in a giant mound of plastic wrap.

Each soup monstrosity was then placed in individual paper bags.

Both bags were then placed into, not one, but TWO plastic "thank-you" bags.

Follow it up with a spoon and a fork--why, a fork, I still don't know, various amounts of napkins, and about 20 packs of individually wrapped crackers.

And she's done.  But not before breaking in line where her friend was holding her place while this took place.

I must have sat there staring with a glazed look for the entire 3 minutes that this was playing out in front of me.

4 styrofoam cups + 2 plastic lids + ~4 feet of plastic wrap + 2 paper bags + 2 plastic bags = soup for lunch

She better have been going to ride a rollercoaster at Six Flags with that soup.

25 August 2010

an entire post about bugs

For the most part, I live a calm life.  Every so often, life gets interrupted by random things like palmetto bugs.  And that's when my life turns into chaos and my mornings are thrown off completely.

I've been thinking a lot about these palmetto bugs lately.  I don't recall EVER seeing them growing up in the 18 years that I lived on a farm in Cross Anchor.  Never.  We had the occasional german roaches and the spiders and such, but where were the palmetto bugs?  And then I move to Columbia (ahem, 10 years ago) and it was a game of who could kill them before they made it under the couch.  This was about once every two weeks or so.  I remember seeing them dart under the door at ol' 1200 Henderson, get the deer-in-headlights glaze, then bolt for some sort of shelter.

Cue my transition to Atlanta (ahem, 5 years ago) and it's like they've followed me.  Though usually, I'd only see them in the Spring and Fall after having the windows open all day.  It was more like one a month, if that.  And they were generally wall crawlers scurrying in through the open window to escape the impending cool night only to be greeted by me, a can of Raid and a running shoe.  Except for that one time I found one in my dryer, dead, after drying my clothes.  And I had to wonder if it also made it through the wash cycle too.  On second thought, I'd rather try to forget that case.

And now here I am in Decatur, loving my calm apartment in my cozy neighborhood and all of the sudden, I've seen 10 in a month.  Granted, I might be seeing the same one over and over as I'm convinced that when I spray one with half a can of Raid, it probably never really dies..just retreats to a corner and regenerates into a more powerful, and larger bug.  And repeat.

So I took all the precautions.  No food was left out.  Ever.  I've even started drying my sink before I leave so there's no water source.  I sprayed home defense mind-altering pesticides.  And then, I bought extra large roach poison traps.  And suddenly, everything was good again.  A week went by without any sign of one.  The war was nearly over (or at least until this fall when the windows are open).

Until this morning.  When I was walking around post-run, hurriedly getting myself together for work and I walk into the kitchen and step on something.  I kept walking but then something triggered in my mind to stop and think about what just happened.  I turned around and at first, saw nothing.  But then there it was.. sure enough.. a writhing palmetto bug with one leg laying beside it.  LUCKILY, I had stepped on it while still wearing my running socks.  Whew.  And in typical palmetto bug fashion, one step does not kill it.  Oh no, it takes multiple attempts.  And the blasted thing escaped under the fridge before I could kill it.  So I got all mad and kicked its leg under the fridge for good measure.

Never a dull moment for me, I find myself on my hands and knees spraying a constant stream of Raid under the fridge.  After a while I can hear it moving under there but no visual sign.  20 minutes later, I'm again hurriedly getting myself out the door, already late for work and there it goes!  Bolting with a gimp (down one leg but still going strong) from the fridge to under a shelf!  I had deja-vu as I definitely killed one here a few weeks ago.  Never fear, I drowned it in Raid and left it on the floor so the 'others' can see what will happen if they try to mess with my kitchen.

I'm not a mean guy, I'll occasionally trap some bugs and release them into the yard.  But I have to put my foot down (ha!) on these.  And spiders.  And bears.

This is not the first time I've blogged about my encounters: I've dealt with them while exercising and I've also fed them to spiders in the past.  So, the score is now: Palmetto Bug - 23, Me - 3

16 August 2010

oh my

Oh Wachovia, you shouldn't have!  No, really.


03 August 2010

because I knew you needed to laugh today

For a while now (talking, years) I have been waking up in the middle of the night craving orange juice.  So I usually oblige and stumble into the dark kitchen, await the evil refrigerator light to blind me, and chug enough juice until my teeth are too cold.  Lately, I've discovered Simply Lemonade and this has taken the Simply Orange's place of 2am cravings.  And last night was no exception.  Until I woke up a 2nd time and needed another chug.

So there I go stumbling into the kitchen, blinded by the light, cold teeth, close the door and head back to bed.  Only, as I go to lay down, I completely overshoot the bed parameters and fall right off the corner effectively causing myself to do a somersault, head-first to the floor in between the bed and some unpacked boxes.  I imagine this to be quite the thing to see, but it was complete darkness and I'm happy not knowing exactly how it looked.

My reaction time was well off as I had no idea what was happening until I heard the loud thump and I was down for the count.  I'm hoping this was how I did not further injure myself as I didn't tense up expecting the hit.

But alas, I did injure myself.  There's a scratch on my shoulder which took most of the impact.  And then there's my left foot.  Which feels like I sprained it.  During my replay of the event, my foot either hit the arm of the chair really hard or it went over my head and hit an open drawer of the dresser.  I like the latter because it would make the image complete.  And a lot more funny.

And there you have the story of a 28-yr old falling out of his bed at 2am.