23 September 2010

don't stop believin the midnight train

for those that have been fortunate enough to experience the 5 points train station here in Atlanta, you would have appreciated this.  i was walking back from lunch and cut across the top of the station where the pigeons always flock to because, for some reason, people continually feed the rats of the sky ALL THE TIME.  this, in itself, always baffles me because there is a high density of homeless people also in this area and yet they feed the birds.  what gives?

so there i was, walking along, bypassing the pigeon spectacle as usual and i hear the Pips.  the Pips?!  i mean, Gladys Knight and the Pips were from Atlanta and all, but dang...

i was definitely hearing the background vocals to Midnight Train to Georgia.

go, gonna board, gonna board
gonna board the midnight train to georgia

but alas, it was a homeless man.  not the Pips.  and he was sitting in the middle of the pigeons eating something and just a singin' away.  not sure he was completely all there.  mostly because as i was singing along (in my head) he abruptly changed the lyrics on me and the next verse was:

i see her in a smoky room
smell of wine and cheap perfume

and ask any karaoke goer and you'll recognize Don't Stop Believin' any ol' day.

maybe it was just a day for inspirational songs.  maybe he was just enjoying the pigeon spectacle that was before him.  maybe he's the smartest person we could ever meet.  or maybe it was candid camera.

i'll never know, but i feel like he was important to the folks passing through 5 points today.

17 September 2010

partly cloudy with a chance of a major hurricane

Nerd alert.  But seriously, just look at that satellite image.  3 hurricanes (far west, the obvious one, and small one far east).  Just fascinating to see.  And to note that overnight that little one (Karl) near Mexico's coastline was the strongest one ever recorded in that area since record-keeping began.  And that giant one (Igor) was a Cat. 4 at one point and is destined for the needle in the haystack that is Bermuda.

That's all.  Just making you aware that weather is all around us even when it's not affecting us.