27 October 2010

storm of the storms

I mean, really, just look at the size of that storm!  The storm that is affecting nearly 2/3 of the country is breaking lowest pressure readings all over the northern midwest too.  It's being compared to decent-sized hurricanes even (due to the pressure and wind).

Just look at that!  Ahh, I'm in the wrong profession.

25 October 2010

week 2 = camping and dentures

Week 2 with Invisaligns proved to be much better than the first week.  Though I think it had more to do with me getting used to these things.  However, I have found myself with a medicine cabinet that is overstocked with most of the dental products from the aisle at Publix.  Last night I had to laugh when I found myself comparing brands of denture cleaner.  As a 28-year old, standing there, comparing, I started to feel a bit of anxiety and paranoia as I wondered what others were thinking. "Why is HE buying denture cleaner?"  "What's his problem?"  "Gosh, he's lame."

For the record, the "dual action" Publix brand was very refreshing.  Though for the life of me, I could not figure out what the dual part was referring to because it did not say, nor did I notice 2 things happening when I plopped that little tablet into an old mug with my starting-to-look-disgusting trays.  But it did the trick.  And on a sidenote, the back of the box says that the tablets can be used for dentures, and also 'denture appliances' which I took to mean Invisaligns.  Obviously.

So where was I.. 28-yr old.. dentures..

Oh, fifteen minutes later, I realize I have purchased more dental supplies than actual food (this is becoming a trend) and I got a kick out of my kitchen counter when I got home and unloaded my prizes.

This is my life now.  Sad, but true.  Sensitive toothpaste, whitening mouthwash that's not even for my teeth, emergency toothbrushes, and floss, floss, floss.

I did go hiking and camping over the weekend which proved to be an interesting feat with these things.  And I'm glad that my friends are ok with the fact that I can floss my teeth while sitting around a campfire and not care.  And not care when my trays are sitting in their case next to the water jugs.  But I will say, I was happy to get home and use that dual action effervescent.  And that I was not attacked by any bears.  Another success.

So this morning I put in the next 2 trays and slowly throughout the day, my face feels like it's compressing.  Admittedly, it wasn't the immense torture that I had read/heard it was going to be, but there's definitely pressure.  Ever onward..

19 October 2010

week 1 = weak one

ba dun dun

Well, I figure now as a good a time as any to share my latest and greatest endeavor.

You may have read in the past year that I have a newfound joy of revisiting my childhood fear of going to the dentist.  Only now, as an adult, the technology (or maybe the dentists) are a lot better and I don't have that fear anymore.  In fact, I just plain like going to the dentist.  And they don't even have to bribe me with stickers.  Though the pre-filled, one-time-use toothbrushes I got to use are pretty cool.  But wasteful, I know.  Ok, back to the news..

Last month I finally got the nerve to sit down for an orthodontics consult.  And would you believe, I'm now the owner of Invisalign ... braces.  Though I am trying really hard not say I have ... braces.  Mostly because they aren't braces, they are thin, clear, plastic trays.  And if I hadn't of pointed them out to the select few that have seen them so far, they wouldn't have noticed either.  Ok, but really, I have braces.

With having these plastic trays in my mouth, day in and day out, I have realized that it makes for life to be so much more interesting and funny along the way.  So much, that I decided that I am confident enough to post some stories on here now.  Also, more so because I wanted to document this 12-month ordeal.  Don't worry, I will not be showing before pictures of my teeth because that is just plain gross.  In my research, I looked at way too many before and after pictures and it's disgusting.  So maybe you'll just see the after.  I mean, if you know me, you've probably seen my teeth already anyway.

As for the progression, I had my consult mid-Sept and then lo and behold, was being fitted for trays an hour afterward.  The whole fitting of trays was quite funny because it was pretty much and hour of dry mouth and berry-flavored paste that formed impressions of my teeth.  And for someone that's self-conscious of their teeth, it was quite the ordeal to have your teeth x-rayed, photographed, impressioned, examined, stared at, etc.  But I got over it.  Mainly because I got to watch tv in the room while it was all happening.  Exactly 4 weeks later I got the call that my trays had arrived.

So, last Monday, I started the 12-month festivities.  I didn't realize that there was more to it than just getting the trays and leaving.  In order for the trays to 'snap' onto your teeth, they have to place white 'buttons' (for lack of a better word) onto several side teeth.  I was fine with this, but good grief, your mouth has to be completely dry and wide open while this is happening and the guard they put in your mouth holds your tongue so you can't move it.  So pretty much after 5 minutes (of the 20 minutes) I just start laughing uncontrollably.  In retrospect, I should have taken a photo with my phone.  They would have gotten a kick out of that.  Quite a sight, I imagine.

Buttons complete, I finally got to see my first pair of trays.  For those not familiar, the trays are 2-week fittings (upper and lower) and you simply replace with a new pair.  So every 2 weeks I will be in a lot of pain because each tray applies more and more pressure to move stubborn teeth into place.  It's really an interesting process.  So they are snapped in and immediately I feel like what I can only imagine my mouth turning into Teenwolf.  I was told to practice taking them out in the office so I could get a feel of how it works.  But after 10 minutes, nothing seemed to be working and I was under the assumption that they would be in my mouth forever.  Finally I got the lower tray out, the assistants came back, and then I lied and said I got both of them out so I could go home.

Convinced that I was never going to eat again, I took some ibuprofen and went to sleep.  Luckily, my stomach took precedence in this situation and I woke up hungry for my 3-hr late lunch.  The trays have to be worn around 22+ hours a day, and have to come out when eating and when drinking anything but water*.  (I have discovered white wine and not too dark beer are exceptions, thankfully)  After some convincing and psyching myself out staring into the mirror, I snapped them off my teeth after about 10 minutes wrangling.  With 100% confidence in saying, I thought I was going to pull my teeth out.  Fast forward to a week later, and I can safely say that now I can now get them out in 30 seconds flat.  It's like I'm on NASCAR pit row.

I'm not going to get too excited as I know next Monday when the new trays go in, I'll be back to whining like a 5-year old and skipping meals.  As for these meals, that's another story.  I find myself only eating 3 times a day.  My snack drawer at work is useless now.  Though when I do take them out, I gorge on everything in sight.  On the other hand, I don't really want to eat half the time and my dental hygiene is PHENOMENAL.  I never thought I'd see the day where I floss and brush THREE times a day.  It took some getting used to, but I'm good to go now.  I do find myself in awkward situations where I have to put them back in in public or brush my teeth in public (have to brush every time before).  Including the Cracker Barrel parking lot on a Sunday afternoon.  If you would like to get me Christmas presents, flossing picks and sensitive toothpaste are recommended because I'm churning through my supplies.

So, week 1 = complete

One pro = the pain subsides after a few days of new trays.
One con = chugging hot coffee with ice cubes in the morning so I can brush my teeth before I put them back in and leave for work.

18 October 2010

happy birthday, where the ocean meets the land!

The weekend came and went so fast that I almost forgot to wish the ol' 6-year old blog a happy birthday.  Cannot believe that this has lasted 6 years.  And even though I don't post as often as I used to, I realize that most of my audience uses Google Reader or some other RSS feed and that makes me feel alright.  Because then my posts are ready for you without you having to check my blog all the time.  And if you ever feel the need for a good laugh, just thumb through the archives.  The first year had some good ones.

Wow, so 6 years ago Reader wasn't even around.  Heck, in Oct 2004, Gmail was barely even on the scene and it was still invite only.  And I was still fresh out of undergrad wandering around without a clue as to what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Well, some things never change.

And yet here I am, still providing the world a glimpse into what I find interesting, funny, annoying, sad, awkward, and whatever else I can relate to.  And some of you are still reading.  So to those, I say thanks, and cheers to many more years.  Who knows, maybe in another 6 years, maybe my posts will be generated onto little screens on refrigerators or onto our watches.  Or.. ok, this is getting out of hand.

Happy 6 years!

17 October 2010

sunsets and weddings

thought this was worthy of the blog.  if only fall lasted longer than a month in the south.  maybe i could take more pics like this one.

Landon and Ashley's wedding, Long Creek, SC