21 November 2010

#1 threat to america: bears

This is my latest dream from last night, which I didn't remember until a very weird reminder sparked my memory.

I was staying at a cabin in the mountains with some friends and decided to take a station wagon to another cabin for some reason.  I heard rumors that bears were present and to be careful, but I was feeling brave, I suppose.  But I recall as soon as I got out of the car, a bear chased me into the cabin and I jumped up on a table.  From there, it was very similar to a childhood game of "quicksand" where I wasn't able to step on the floor, but could walk around on all the furniture.  And somehow the bear wasn't able to get me even though I was merely inches from it.

I quickly realized that I was without my bear spray and felt doomed.  Feeling completely helpless and no where to turn, of all people, Jamie Lee Curtis walks into the cabin and scares the bear away.  And that is all I remember.

Yep.  That's right.  Talk about a nightmare!

What's even more strange is that I was reminded of my dream by something that happened on my phone earlier. While playing a game, the game froze and my phone sort of went bizerk for a few seconds.  The screen went black and then a picture of the mess-with-your-mind-dream movie, Inception, appeared.  Talk about freaky timing.  After a few more seconds it finally went away and I was left sitting there laughing about someone planting Jamie Lee Curtis into my dream to fight bears.

I mean, it's completely logical, right?