18 December 2010

week 10: grills

So it's been 10 weeks with the Invisaligns.  I've decided nowadays to just call them my grills. Just not as fancy.  And not made of gold or platinum.  Ok they are far from grills but it sounds better than what I have been saying every time I go to dinner: "hold on, let me take out my teeth."  I was actually getting quite used to saying that and even getting a kick out of it, but it seems that the friends were thinking it was weird.  Fine, fine.

Things are still going great.  I don't really notice much change except that my teeth seem to be spacing out more and more on the bottom.  I keep telling myself this is so they have room to move once things start moving into their real place.  Sounds logical to me.  And now for the fun stuff..

I've been back to the ortho twice to have several teeth contacts filed with what I can only describe is a thin piece of double-sided sandpaper.  I know, sounds like a fun time, doesn't it?  Surprisingly it's not too bad until there's contact with my gum.  Then I squirm and nearly jump out of my chair.

And then there are the dreams.  In this week alone, I have had 2 dreams about my teeth: one where I was late for my appointment and they yelled at me and the second where I drank hot tea and my teeth melted.

It's tough, I know.