07 February 2011

30 before 30

For the past 2 months I have been devising a plan. Today I'm unveiling it.

I have developed a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. I now have 364.5 days to complete this list as today is my 29th birthday. How I have turned 29 without knowing it, I'm not quite sure. But let's just run with it and not question that.

I did ask several folks to help with the idea process as I began to struggle with how to find 30 things because my list was getting a bit adventurous. And they did draw my attention to the fact that my list is a bit costly. Regardless, while this list is concrete today, I do exercise the right to edit as needed in the near future if I see fit. Really that just gets me out of a plane ticket or two, I think. Behold, the list:
1              run a 2nd marathon
2              have straight teeth
3              walk a corn maze
4              be able to id 30 trees
5              sell a photograph
6              get a PR on a half marathon
7              buy a bike
8              visit all GA 159 counties in one trip
9              buy 30 lotto tickets in one day
10           hike in Yosemite
11           read A Short History of Nearly Everything
12           buy coffee for the person behind me
13           be able to id 30 birds
14           run a trail half marathon
15           go rock-hounding again
16           visit all 50 states (AK, CT, HI, MA, ME, MI, NE, NH, NY, RI, VT)
17           take swim lessons
18           learn to, and attempt to, fly fish
19           see the aurora borealis
20           join a gym
21           summit the top 10 GA peaks
22           brew beer
23           run 30 miles
24           learn a song on the guitar
25           visit 30 state parks in GA
26           get a PR on a 10k
27           pay off credit card debt
28           30 days without eating pizza
29           climb a continuous vertical mile in a day by trail
30           visit canada--specifically moosejaw

Ah well, I'll report back on each of these 30 things as they occur. So, in an effort to rejuvenate the blog and keep the audience happy, you can check back on me throughout the year. Hopefully I succeed in life.

While I look at the list as something creative to get me through the next year, I also figured it might get others to make their own lists. Not really for 30 as 3/4 of my friends are already 30 or approaching it rapidly this year. But it couldn't hurt.