14 March 2011

1 down, 29 to go

In my 30 before 30 list, I definitely used a few 'fillers' to get my list to 30 things. Despite #28 being one of those, I have to say it was more difficult than I thought. But, without any delay, I have officially knocked 1 item off the list with 11 months remaining.

#28: 30 days without pizza

For those that know my pizza addiction, you'll know it was a big deal. I've apparently blogged about pizza quite a few times in the past years. Meaningful posts include: falling up a stairwell with pizza in hand and failing to remove the cardboard under the pizza prior to baking it. Fail. But alas, 30 days have passed and I'm sadly not craving pizza as I thought I would be. I think it was because I was eager to check off an item on the list.

That's not to say that I haven't saved pizza restaurant coupons or purposefully run by Fellini's on several occasions to see the folks eating their giant slices on the patio.

Secret to my success: filling the void with potato chips. Should've put 30 days without potato chips on this list. I had 4 different bags of chips in my cupboard last week.

Ever onward!

08 March 2011

tossed like a flapjack

In a return to my normal posting about how the Atlanta newspaper (the AJC) continues to keep me on my toes, here's the latest. Today while perusing the major headlines, I saw this great photo with the headline that students were tossed from a debate.

Only, the pic they chose makes it look like they were literally tossed--over the steps inside the Capitol. I genuinely clicked on the article to see how far they had fallen.


04 March 2011

life of pizza

I've gone 21 days without eating pizza. This is despite numerous attempt from friends to derail me and tempt me with pizza (frozen, by the slice, and/or delivery). But I'm holding strong! I am well on my way to knocking off one item from my 30 before 30 list--whew, bout time.

I can't help but laugh, however, because Mom will continue to say that she had to force me to eat pizza when I was a kid. Talk about a picky eater! This was before I started hiding my vegetables in napkins under the cabinets behind my chair, of course. That did not go over well after it was all found.

I'm glad I didn't have anything about quitting coffee on my list because I particularly look forward to my Fridays-Sundays mornings of coffee. Why those days? Because I'm not standing in a kitchen waiting for the ice cube in my coffee to melt so I can chug my cup of coffee in 10 minutes or less so I can quickly brush my teeth, put my invisaligns back in and race off to work where I'm already 30+ minutes late because I snoozed 7 times. That's on a good day.

Ah well, come October, maybe I can begin to enjoy all my mornings again with extended coffee hours. But for now, there's nothing like a pressed cup and relaxing at the table on a cool March Friday morning.