16 April 2011

3 down, 27 to go

Yesterday was so great that I not only knocked out the lotto tix but I also accomplished another item on the ol' 30 before 30 list.

#20: join a gym

I'm now a paying member of the local YMCA. Two things are funny about this membership:

1) A friend received an email in JANUARY that said memberships would be 20% off for both the new member and referrer. So, back in January during the snowstorm, this sounded like a great idea. But I procrastinated and said "I'll do that next week." So the weeks passed and finally in APRIL we both get follow up emails saying that the new member has to enroll before April 15 in order to get the 20% off membership. So, naturally I wait until the afternoon of the 15th and I head over there. Not to be outdone, I bought my lotto tickets on the way to joining the gym in the off-chance that I might win thousands and could just outright buy the gym instead.

2) I paid the new member fee and paid for my first month of the gym and promptly got back in my car and went home so I could quickly make it to day one of the three day festival that is nearly in my backyard. So, "I'll start next week" I suppose.

Ever onward (next week)..

15 April 2011

2 down, 28 to go

Today I present you with my winnings in my latest quest of 30 before 30.

#9: buy 30 lotto tickets in one day

It actually started back on my birthday weekend where I found myself in a liquor store buying a bottle of Tequila and I decided I needed to buy 3 scratch off tickets at a $1 a piece. So that little $3 investment yielded me $24 in return winnings. I quickly saw how playing the lottery was addicting. So that winning ticket sat on my kitchen counter for nearly 2.5 months until today when I realized I would be driving by that same liquor store. Not sure why I decided I needed to return to the same one, but nevertheless, I did.

I was disappointed when I realized the same scratch-offs were no longer available, but I settled for buying 30 $1 tickets of the first roll I saw--something with a leprechaun on it. I was also feeling rushed because someone was in line behind me.

So, I bought $30 worth of 30 lottery tickets, paid for it with my $24 earnings, and really spent $6. My winnings, however, equaled $15 plus 5 free new tickets ($1 value). So technically I won $20 in return! This is where math gets hazy. If I were traveling on an airplane east with these tickets and someone else was traveling on a train headed west, what is the average velocity that my tickets would make it to Dallas before the train--ah! word problems!--regardless, I consider myself a winner.

Ever onward..