16 April 2011

3 down, 27 to go

Yesterday was so great that I not only knocked out the lotto tix but I also accomplished another item on the ol' 30 before 30 list.

#20: join a gym

I'm now a paying member of the local YMCA. Two things are funny about this membership:

1) A friend received an email in JANUARY that said memberships would be 20% off for both the new member and referrer. So, back in January during the snowstorm, this sounded like a great idea. But I procrastinated and said "I'll do that next week." So the weeks passed and finally in APRIL we both get follow up emails saying that the new member has to enroll before April 15 in order to get the 20% off membership. So, naturally I wait until the afternoon of the 15th and I head over there. Not to be outdone, I bought my lotto tickets on the way to joining the gym in the off-chance that I might win thousands and could just outright buy the gym instead.

2) I paid the new member fee and paid for my first month of the gym and promptly got back in my car and went home so I could quickly make it to day one of the three day festival that is nearly in my backyard. So, "I'll start next week" I suppose.

Ever onward (next week)..

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Anonymous said...

Though you did make two destinctive comments, I apologize, but you never really stated what made them funny...did you mean ironic, like Allanis where they really weren't ironic at all?