25 May 2011

attack of the killer tomatoes

Last year I received some heirloom tomatoes from Kris and Will's garden. They were, by far, the best tomatoes I've ever eaten. I'm not sure where heirlooms have been hiding for all those years prior. I'm also not sure why when I was growing up and Mom would make BLT sandwiches, I'd only eat B sandwiches. Seriously just two pieces of bread (right out of the bag) and a lot of crispy bacon. Weird kid.

Anyway, back to the point here. This year I decided to have a garden. My "garden" is a container garden. And it seems to be working out well. I originally just wanted 1 tomato plant and 1 pepper plant. And slowly over the past 2 months, I somehow noticed an addiction to wanting to grow my own vegetables. And now I have 9 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, 2 cucumber plants, 2 basils, 1 rosemary, 1 sage, and 5 herb seedlings that I mistakingly forgot to label.

The first pic is about 2 weeks after I planted about 3/4 of the plants (well, this is just tomatoes and peppers).

The second pic was yesterday. And they are usually a lot more alive than this, but it hasn't rained in Atlanta in what seems like a month. As you can see, one pepper runt has decided to take its time. While the tomato plants have decided to wage war on anything that comes near it--including the ones that I planted too close together. And as of now, I have a handful of small green tomatoes already out there. It just fascinates me. I have a feeling by late June I'll be eating more tomatoes than I know what to do with. Fried green tomato BLTs, anyone?

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