29 June 2011

pepper squirrel

Tomato update #21:


It's as simple as that. For a while, I was ok with the squirrel population around my hood. But the past few weeks have been brutal on my tomato population. My count of 30 has drastically been undercut to 10. It started with one or two bright red tomatoes just going MIA. No trace at all. At first I thought maybe my neighbors had helped themselves because they thought I wasn't back from my trip. So, I let it slide.

Then, slowly I started noticing green ones were missing. Surely they couldn't be making that many fried green tomato sandwiches?

And then, as if being taunted, I began to notice half eaten green tomatoes left behind on the porch. And finally, after much speculation, I came home to find a squirrel IN one of my tomato cages eating away at the fruits of my labor. Blasted things!

So all week I have been yelling about squirrels and not really doing anything about them. Thinking maybe they would just go away. But that is obviously not the case. So, tonight I armed myself with cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper, vinegar, cheesecloth and a spray bottle (evidence below).

Everything I read said that mixing some ground red pepper and water together and spraying it all over the tomatoes would take care of it. So I took it one step further and doubled the amount of pepper and proceeded to spray so much of it that I failed to realize I was breathing in the mist and subsequently burning my throat. Go figure.

And vinegar and cheesecloth, you might be wondering? Definitely cut it all up, doused it immensely with the vinegar and hung them all over the tomato cages.

Oh and then proceeded to dump coffee grounds all over the containers.

I. Will. Win. This. Battle.

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