16 July 2011


Squirrels - 35,  Rob - 4

Seems that rain washes off cayenne pepper from my tomatoes. And this leads to squirrels eating every last one of them. So, now I'm onto the next generation of green ones. And in a last ditch effort, I've moved my heirloom tomato plant inside to my screened in porch where it will receive, oh, about 4 hours of direct sunlight. All for the ONE remaining heirloom green tomato. The rest of my garden is left to fiend for itself.

Luckily, squirrels don't like green bell peppers or basil and those have paid for themselves by now.

My two cucumber plants have yielded more cucumbers than I currently know what to do with (though many have suggested pickling--we'll see how adventurous I'll be).

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