08 August 2011

at the speed of light

I ordered 2 large canvas prints of my photographs that were shipped via FedEx. Now, I'm not complaining at FedEx, nor am I sitting on the edge-of-my-seat waiting for them to arrive, but I have to share the tracking chart that I've been following for the past week. It's more humoring me if anything. But first, here's the route it had to take:

They have been on a journey from Durham, NC to Atlanta. A mere 6.5 hour journey in ideal driving conditions. It took me 4.5 hours to run a marathon once. I'm not sure if that helps my argument though. Wait, I forgot I'm not arguing because I'm not complaining. Anyway, I know that things don't ship fast, and that's fine, but this is the baffling part:

They both actually made it from Durham to Ellenwood (which is at the perimeter of Atlanta) in 24 hours. Not bad. Actually, impressive considering it was tagged in Charlotte and Greenville along the way. Maybe it even stopped for some Starbucks. Or for a #4 two cheeseburgers-with no cheese-deal at McDonald's. Who knows. Still impressive.

But then it falls apart. And jet lag obviously sat in. They both were bounced around Atlanta to these supposed "smartposts" (whatever those are) from Aug4 until Aug9.

But wait! Today's only Aug8! Very perceptive, readers!

It is with great honor that I announce to the world that FedEx delivers.. in the future! Alas, I actually have no idea if they are going to be on my doorstep when I get home or not at this point. I even had to look at the calendar to make sure it really wasn't Tuesday already also. And I had to make sure Ellenwood was a real city. The jury is still out on that. And does anyone else want something from McDonald's now?

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