07 August 2011

you're crazy

Today I decided that maybe I should alert the masses of my latest endeavor. This is more for accountability reasons.

Let me present, exhibit A:

It's a graph. And frankly it scares me. I've cropped the units off for the time being because it helps ease my mind. And it's this graph that has provided many folks to say exactly what the title of this post says: you're crazy. Actually, it's more along the lines of, YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Well, all but a few have said that.

So, what IS it? I mean, after all it doesn't look that bad. It could just be rain patterns for the Atlanta area over a year. It could be how loud the cicadas have been over the course of 12 hours during the night. It could be a graph of what time I've actually made it into work over the past month. Give up? How about we throw the units back on there. Exhibit B:

It's a graph for a 50k. YOU'RE CRAZY! Ah, I heard someone just say it. Elevation and distance. Meters and miles. 31.1 miles to be exact. I have signed up to run my very first ultramarathon. And from what everyone is saying, it's a tough one. And finally, it's a trail race. And it's in North Georgia, home to some nice hills. Ok, they even call them mountains. But I'm going to stick with calling them hills for now.

And for the record, that hill from mile 3.5 to mile 7 is 2000+ feet straight up. On the plus side, I'll get to descend it at mile 24.

Things that are great about training 5 days a week: the amount of Oreos and potato chips I eat are inconsequential, I seem to eat every 3 hours, and I have become a morning runner and really enjoy it.

What have I done? Many updates to follow. Race day is Nov19.

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SLHP said...

wow. but agreed. you're crazy! but good luck. :o)