01 June 2012

radishes, kale, and beets, oh my

Ah, a new blog post! What is this?! I figured I shouldn't let the blog lapse for a full year. Maybe your Google Reader or RSS feeds will be in shock with a new post.

Anyway, it's May, and that means it's time to ward off the neighborhood squirrels from taking all of my unripe tomatoes. They decided to start the war early this year and take my first 5 green ones, leaving me with 1 heirloom. Starting the season at 1-5 is not how I imagined it. But after last year's devastating 3-1,238,281,919 loss, I am already prepared with cayenne pepper and vinegar. So, needless to say, all new tomatoes, leaves, soil, porch, is covered in a light, red coating of cayenne. So far, so good.

In other news, after many years of deferring, I decided it was time to join a CSA.  And, I must say, the first week's shipment (below) was a bit overwhelming at first. But, at least I'm splitting each week's batch and also learning to eat veggies that I normally don't eat. Beets?! I actually didn't even know it was a beet at first. The CSA is from Riverview Farms.

I will also fully admit that I don't remember ever eating radishes unless they were hidden in a salad. Where have they been all my life? They are good raw, or with salt, or even dipped in pesto. I will put pesto on anything though. Even beets. But I still didn't like those as much.

I missed week 1 of the CSA, but week 2 brought beets, collards, radishes, 5 onions, 2 romaines, 2 cabbages, and a lot of kale. It's going to be a fun summer of experimental dinner.